I am a DevOps practitioner
with a strong background in
web application development.


My name is Steven Rombauts. I am a Belgian software developer and DevOps practitioner currently living in Cambridge, UK. With my expertise I bring responsibility to every stage of a project development's cycle: from writing code to deployment and systems monitoring. Here's how I look at these different parts:


I start from the understanding that quality software cannot be created by writing code alone. The result of a developer’s work is not just code, it’s running software in production that has to solve real-life problems.


Development and operations are equal parts of the equation. A good developer closely follows the day-to-day operations of their software: You build it, you run it.


Armed with the insights gained from running and monitoring software in production, I want to help build bridges between all departments and teams inside an organisation. This DevOps mindset is key to maintain the focus and prioritise the work according to business objectives.


I am passionate about open source, sharing and collaboration. I firmly believe that open technologies and increased transparency can make a better world.


I currently work full-time as a consultant and spend most of my days working with the great people over at Timble, where I help to build and manage the back-ends of the Joomlatools and Wordplugs brands, work on the consultancy projects and develop a powerful suite of open source tools for Joomla developers.

Get in touch via hello [at] stevenrombauts [dot] be!